Professional Services

What we offer

Our Business Intelligence Group understands how critical data is in today's market.  Analyzing data is necessary to make informed business decisions.  Data is no longer a byproduct of business but essential to survival, growth, and a competitive advantage.  Our Business Intelligence Professionals bridge the gap between business and IT to provide valuable insight into your data.

Through visualization of your data we help you to see your future!

How we deliver

Analyze - Problem identified

Engage - Collaborate with stakeholders and provide reach back to PHD knowledge to customize a solution that meets your unique business needs

Implement - Industry leading business intelligence and data solutions built on best practices

Strategy - Elevating your business with technology that aligns with your objectives

What we deliver

Data Visualizations & Reporting

Dashboards - Visually presenting your data helping you to see the future of your business

Highly Customized Reports - Keeping operations running smoothly with the right information at the right time

Self-Service - Empowering your business with access to the right metrics at the right time

Data Analysis & Modeling - Elevation of key metrics and derivation of powerful actionable insights via multi-dimensional data modeling

Custom Applications