Advratech is an entrepreneurial small business with a mission to identify, coordinate, and aid in the maturation of intellectual properties (IP) for the purpose of commercialization. In simple terms, Advratech is the commercialization "integrator" as we align the IP offerings with federal and commercial markets in mind.

Advratech will assist partners in identifying the processes necessary to assist the principal investigators (PIs) to move their IP results and creative work into public use by licensing to outside organizations to develop and market products based on market research.  Ultimately, Advratech will offer the PI the full spectrum of activities that are required in the commercialization process.

The process will identify and support the following major activities:

  • Research & Development
  • Business Intelligence Integration
  • Concept and Invention Disclosure
  • Market Assessment
  • Legal Protection
  • Transition Partners
  • Licensing Partners
  • Transition to Commercial Market
Ultimately, Advratech will help mature and move that IP into the commercial market resulting in: Profit back to our partners and Creation of Jobs in the Dayton, OH area